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*New* Huron Speed V4 COLD-SIDE for 99-13 GM 1500

*New* Huron Speed V4 COLD-SIDE for 99-13 GM 1500

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Huron Speed V4 COLD-SIDE Turbo Kit for 99-13 GM Silverado/Sierra


*Build per order, please contact for lead time prior to purchasing*

New updates to the cold-side:

*Much more simplified routing. Previous design would route under the frame to the intercooler and required different versions to fit classic and newer body styles. The new design wraps around the radiator and fits BOTH classic and newer body style trucks!

*All of your MAF or No MAF needs! We now include a very simple connection piece in so you can fit up any of your needs for MAF or Speed Density. We include the couplers needed if you wish to retain the older barrel style MAF. We include a section to use the newer card style MAF. Lastly we include a section with a threaded IAT sensor bung if you wish to go Speed Density, we have all of your bases covered!

*Cleaner look! Cold side tubing features a very nice and clean look in the engine bay, opposed to the old style that would quickly get lost. We understand functionality is most important, but to also look good doing it!

*Solution to the expansion tank! Previously the OEM coolant expansion tank would get in the way of cold side routing with the many designs available. We solved this by simply removing the OEM expansion tank (which is extremely ugly under the hood as well) and replacing with a very nice fabricated aluminum overflow tank. We now include a new radiator fill area that easily installs in the upper radiator hose to clean everything up and give a lot more room for a clean cold-side install!

*Fits all! Our cold-side was designed to work on both Classic body style trucks and Newer 07.5-13 body style truck. This means if you ever change trucks that happens to be the different body, everything will swap right over! Or if for some reason you need to let go of your turbo kit, your market to sell to will be greatly increased! Did I mention it also all bolts right up and fits the T6 hot-side? That's right, the cold side now fits and includes everything needed to fit Both the T4 and the T6 hot-sides, as well as Classic and NNBS Body Styles!

*Accessories. Kits still include everything you need to set up the oil feed and return on the turbo, all of your gaskets for the turbo and new v-band copper O-ring gaskets, coolant hose extensions, Large 4" intake tube with very large 4" filter, Blanket for your turbo, and more heat protection such as a full roll of heat wrap for anything you may need!

V4 Cold-side Kit Components:
-3-piece aluminum cold-side piping allows for use of a Barrel Style MAF for earlier model trucks, Card Style MAF for later model trucks, or No MAF w/ external IAT sensor bung for those running Speed Density, we covered all of the options!

-New 1-piece Intercooler bracket, bolt on

-Coolant Overflow tank, new Fill Tee and hose to replace OEM Expansion tank.

-All required Clamps/Couplers

-Included coolant line extension fittings

-Included Oil feed and drain line kit

-Included turbo air intake (4") with air filter

-Hardware to Install

**Piping kit only, requires other items noted to run, vehicle will not run without these outside sourced items completed by you, therefore sold as show only.

Features & Benefits of the Huron Speed Truck V4 Intercooled turbo kit:

*Cold Side and Intake Tubing made from Aluminum provide clean filtered air intake for the turbocharger as well as from the intercooler into the throttle body.

*Cold Side Tubing features a 50mm BOV flange and provisions to run any of the 3 MAF Setups (Barrel style for earlier year trucks, Card style for later year trucks, and No MAF w/ external IAT sensor bung for those running Speed Density.

*Included fabricated Coolant Overflow tank and Fill Tee removes the OEM expansion tank to allow for more room and a cleaner installation.

**Intercooler and cold-side piping installation requires movement of Trans-cooler, and minor trimming possible to grill and 2 ears on bumper to fit the intercooler depending on your year. Bracket included to add a larger Tru-Cool transmission cooler under the Intercooler *recommended to replace the OEM*


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