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6th Gen Camaro SS/ZL1 Twin Turbo Kit – Race

6th Gen Camaro SS/ZL1 Twin Turbo Kit – Race

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Huron Speed 6th Gen Camaro SS/ZL1 Twin Turbo Race Kit

*This new release is an updated version of our base 6th gen twin kit with the following changes:

-Manifolds modified to fit larger T4 style V-band inlet turbochargers which were the limiting factor on our previous kit. Manifolds are also wrapped in heat shielding!

-3 new downpipe options:

standard is a set of 3.5″ dumped downpipes.

Optional 3″ shielded downpipes with X-pipe and Mid-pipes to run the OEM Axle-back location.

Optional 3″ shielded downpipes with large 5″ diameter High Flow Cats with X-pipe and Mid-pipes to run the OEM Axle-back location.

-Cold-side tubing from Intercooler to Throttle body is now 3-piece and includes an Aluminum tube with the MAF flange




*Auto trans cars MAY need to trim the bellhousing near the starter for clearance

*Underbody plate needs modifying to go back on, or simply leave off.


Kit Features:

  • Fits V-band inlet Turbochargers ranging from Billet 6262 up to Billet 6875s. This allows us to supply a very quick spooling set-up on a factory engine, up to 1400+ RWHP capability.
  • Full 3.5″ Stainless Steel dumped Downpipes are standard, Optional choices for sending the exhaust back into the tunnel for easy additional exhaust attachment to OEM or aftermarket axle-back systems.
  • 3″ Turboguard screens for the inlets of the turbos to allow maximum breathing!
  • Retains all OEM accessories in their OEM Locations
  • Requires NO drilling/tapping for the oiling unless customer prefers.
  • No heat issues like many top mount systems along with a very easy installation!
  • Includes all necessary brackets and hardware
  • Includes push lock hose and fittings for your boost reference hookups with CNC Billet Boost Log.
  • Standard 3.5″ thick Air-2-Air Black Series Intercooler fits behind the OEM crash bar.
  • Optional Bell Intercoolers large 6″ Air to Air intercooler which requires removal of the front bumper car, however provides unmatched cooling and airflow.
  • Optional Bell Intercooler Air to Water intercooler with integrated reservoir. Can use the OEM ZL1 heat exchanger and pump to have a full bolt-on air 2 water system that has been tested with rock steady IAT’s at over 1300 rwhp! Requries you to run your lines and supply the heat exchanger and pump.
  • Kit requires fueling upgrades based on your desired power goals.
  • ZL1 cars require removal of the OEM supercharger and to replace with an Intake Manifold


Included Components:

  • Full Hot-side including Stainless .120 wall exhaust manifolds with OEM plug and plug wire access fully wrapped in heat shielding, stainless 3.5″ downpipes dumped downpipes.
  • Powder-coated Aluminum Cold-side tubing
  • Turbo-guard or SB Filters Turbo Screens
  • All required silicone couplers and T-bolt clamps
  • 3.5″ Black Series vertical flow Front Mount Intercooler w/ Bolt-on Brackets
  • All required brackets and hardware
  • Included CNC Billet Boost Log w/push-lock fittings and tubing to run all boost reference
  • All required Grade-8 Hardware
  • Fabricated Motor Mount Pedestals

-This base kit will Require: Turbos, Wastegates, BOV. Add these in from our drop-down menu to suit your needs/goals/budget.

Retail Pricing: $4499 + shipping



  • Bell 6″ A2A Intercooler : $1499
  • Bell 6″ A2W Intercooler: $1749
  • Heat Shielded 3″ Downpipes w/ X-pipe and Mid pipes to run to OEM Axle back location: $750
  • Heat Shielded 3″ Downpipes w/ 5″ high flow cats, X-pipe and Mid pipes to run to OEM Axle back location: $1350
  • Turbos, Wastegates, BOV options will be added to the web-store drop down menu
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