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Huron Speed Turbo Grind Camshaft Kit

Huron Speed Turbo Grind Camshaft Kit

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Huron Speed Turbo Grind Camshaft Kit

-Your Choice of Huron Speed Turbo Grind Cam (Ground by Texas-Speed)

-TSP Polished .660 lift Dual Valve-Spring Kit

-TSP Hardened Chromoly 7.400" Pushrods

-3-bolt 4x Timing Gear w/ ARP Cam Bolts


Huron Speed TT-1 Cam Specs: *Good for smooth idle, use with factory stall converter*

222/235 .615/.600 115 lsa

Huron Speed TT-2 Cam Specs: *Noticeable Lope at idle, requires small stall converter*

227/239 .629/.600 116 lsa

Huron Speed TT-3 Cam Specs: *Aggressive idle, autos require 3400+ stall converter*

230/244 .629/.644 116+5 lsa


L99 Engines require adding the DOD/AFM Delete Package which includes:

-(16) Delphi LS7 Lifters

-GM 6.0l-6.2l MLS Head Gaskets

-ARP Head Bolts

-LS3/LS7 Style Valley Cover w/ PCV Provision and Tube

-GM Crank BOlt

-GM Cam Gear 4x w/ ARP Cam bolts

-Timing Cover Gasket, Front Crank Seal, Water Pump Gaskets, LS2 Chain Damper, Lifter Treys

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