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Huron Speed V3 Twin T4 Kit PACKAGE

Huron Speed V3 Twin T4 Kit PACKAGE

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 Huron Speed V3 Twin T4 Kit


Black Series 4" Intercooler is now Standard as the base intercooler!


Package Includes:

-F-body Dual 450 Stage 2 Fuel System *$1594

-pair of VSRacing Billet 6766 T4 .81 Turbos *$1350

-pair of Huron Speed HS44 Wastegates *$450

-pair of Huron Speed HS50 BOVs *$250

-Huron Speed Power Steering Line Kit *$175

-Huron Speed Boost/Vacuum Reference Kit *$195


Retail: $6763 plus shipping


$5999 plus shipping, savings of over $750


Kit Information:

*Our new V3 Stainless Steel, Vbanded, extra thick .120 wall Manifolds that retain the OEM Alternator location

* 2.5” extra thick .120 wall Stainless Up-Pipes, V-banded allow for easier installation with 44-46mm V-banded Wastegate ports and primary O2 sensor bungs. All piping stays ABOVE the oem sway bar!

* Pair of full 3" Stainless 2-piece dp's routed through a Turbo Style K-member will supply the exhaust flow needed for 1500hp. Now with Wideband O2 bungs available in BOTH dp's for tuning w/ plugs.

* Huron Speed Black Series 4" Thick Core intercooler with Air-guides and direct bolt on bracket, dual inlets and single outlet.

* Optional Bell 4.5" or 6" Thick Core Intercooler with direct bolt on bracket for 1000-1500hp applications

* ALUMINUM, Polished 2.5" cold side piping from turbos to intercooler and 3.5" cold side piping from Intercooler to Throttle Body with a pair of 50mm BOV flanges and now a threaded IAT Sensor. Photo shows optional black coating, POLISHED is standard.

* All necessary couplers and clamps included in this kit. Entire hotside consists of all v-band connections

* Hardware Kit included with all nuts/bolts

* Twin Oil feed and drain line kit INCLUDED

* Pair of T4 Turbo Blankets INCLUDED

* 50' Roll of Black Heat Wrap INCLUDED

-F-body Dual 450 Stage 2 Fuel System 

-pair of VSRacing Billet 6766 T4 .81 Turbos 

-pair of Huron Speed HS44 Wastegates 

-pair of Huron Speed HS50 BOVs 

-Huron Speed Power Steering Line Kit 

-Huron Speed Boost/Vacuum Reference Kit 


**Piping kit only, requires other items noted to run, vehicle will not run without these outside sourced items completed by you, therefore sold as show only.


*Kit requires: Stood up radiator with coolant hoses and fans to clear piping/turbo. A/C removal. Turbo Style K-member required if wanting to run the dp's out the back. If running the OPTIONAL bumper exit dp's, you can use the factory K-member! 

*Kit RETAINS: OEM Alternator location, OEM Front Sway bar, OEM Power steering, OEM ABS.

*Removing the ABS is recommended. Not required but recommended as it will not onyl clean up the engine bay but give you more freedom on installation.

Any questions, please e-mail direct to:

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