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Huron Speed V3 AC T4 Kit PACKAGE

Huron Speed V3 AC T4 Kit PACKAGE

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 Huron Speed V3 AC Turbo Kit

*please allow a few weeks to receive all components from the package*


Package includes the Base V3 AC T4 Kit plus the following upgrades/add-ons with it:

-F-body Dual 450 Stage 2 Fuel System *$1594

-VSRacing Next Gen Billet 7875 Turbo *$670

-Huron Speed HS44v2 Piston Wastegate *$289

-Huron Speed HS50v2 Piston BOV *$189

-Huron Speed Power Steering Line Kit *$175

-Huron Speed Boost/Vacuum Reference Kit *$195

Retail: $5611 plus shipping


$4899 plus shipping, savings of over $600



  • .120 wall Stainless Steel, V-banded Manifolds. Retain the OEM A/C Compressor and Alternator in their factory positions.
  • Extra thick, V-banded, 2-piece Stainless Crossover pipe that retain the Sway Bar and features our new Wastegate location set-up to eliminate boost creep!
  • (3) 2.5” V-band clamps for easy installation of the crossover piping to the manifolds.
  • 3” 2-piece DP with Wideband O2 bung and plug.
    *Optional Turn-Down available for track day exhaust set-ups
  • (2) 3″ V-band clamps for easy installation of the downpipe.
  • 3″ POLISHED ALUMINUM Cold side piping from turbo to FMIC to Throttle Body with Pre-Drilled IAT Sensor hole.
  • Wastegate dumps to atmosphere, no longer recirculates. Allows more adjustments and easier installation.
  • Oil Feed and Drain Line Kit including -4an Feed line, -10an Drain line, and all required fittings with turbo drain flange
  • T4 Turbo Blanket
  • 4″ Turbo Air Filter designed specifically for this kit
  • 50′ Roll of black Heat-wrap
  • 50mm Blow-Off Valve Flange on Cold side piping
  • 4″ core front mount Intercooler
  • All exact, specific couplers
  • All exact, specific T-Bolt clamps
  • F-body front mount intercoolers brackets
  • Hardware to mount Turbo, intercooler brackets, and intercooler
  • Heat shields for the alternator and steering rack boot 
  • -F-body Dual 450 Stage 2 Fuel System *$1594

    -VSRacing Next Gen Billet 7875 Turbo *$670

    -Huron Speed HS44 Wastegate *$225

    -Huron Speed HS50 BOV *$125

    -Huron Speed Power Steering Line Kit *$175

    -Huron Speed Boost/Vacuum Reference Kit *$195

**Piping kit only, requires other items noted to run, vehicle will not run without these outside sourced items completed by you, therefore sold as show only.


Requires Pusher Fans to complete or you can order those with the kit as well from us depending on your budget and goals! Requires Turbo Style K-member in order to fit the piping around the A/C Compressor and steering shaft. Kit was built around the BMR KM013.

Here are some new features of the new Huron Speed V3 T4 Turbo Kit:

  • Included Manifolds. No need to have to track down rusty Truck Manifolds anymore. Where as they worked great, we now supply manifolds for you to keep the entire process much more simple on your end! These new manifolds are made from.120 wall 304 Stainless. If you know your materials, you know this is VERY heavy duty stuff. Most headers are made from .065 wall making these manifolds nearly twice as thick of material to prevent cracking from holding up the weight of the turbo. They are also V-banded for ease of install and made to RETAIN the OEM alternator location and this version of course the A/C Compressor as well!
  • New Wastegate Location. We have seen a few cases where boost creep became a minor issue, but why have to worry or hassle with it at all? We took what we know needed to happen to get a better flow of exhaust to the waste gate and made it happen. Where as our previous kit and most others out there pull from the merge of the 2 banks with a 38mm flange, we are now pulling exhaust from BOTH banks individually in the direction of flow, and merging those into larger piping and a larger 44-45mm WG flange! Good-bye boost creep!
  • Keep your Sway Bar. Where as not as big of a demand, we still would get street car customers who really wished to retain their front sway bar. With a little fabrication, we made it happen! We routed the crossover to run just under the front sway bar on the passenger side and right above the bar on the drivers side without sacrificing any ground clearance. We also did this while keeping a larger SS/WS6 sway bar in the OEM location!
  • Retain the Low Oil Level Sensor. Our previous kit required the removal of the low oil level sensor for down pipe clearance. With this set-up, we managed to RETAIN the low oil level sensor.
  • 4″ Downpipe option. We offer (2) 4″ bumper exit downpipe options, one for the standard T4 3″ exit turbos and another to fit the BW S400 and VSR Next Gen 4″ 1.25 ar housings. These options require relocation of the coolant overflow for fitment as well as some re-working of your lower coolant hose out of the radiator.
  • Wideband O2 bung. This is now standard. We are putting an extra O2 bung in the supplied 3″ through K-member down pipe along with a plug so you can run this, or have it there if when the time comes for tuning or logging purposes. This is a standard feature!

All of these new features and still keep the great features of our first kit such as the simple, clean, and effective cold side with brackets and 4″ thick core FMIC. Retain the Factory A/C. Retain the Factory Radiator in the Factory Position (now enhanced even for mid-frames!)

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