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V3 T6 Turbo Kit Group Purchase Final Payment

V3 T6 Turbo Kit Group Purchase Final Payment

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*This item is the final payment from our Group Purchase sale and only for those that entered the sale with a deposit. If you purchase this without previously entering the sale, your order will be refunded LESS a 5% cancellation fee. For everyone in the sale, this is your link to complete your purchase.


If you are going to receive a Free Power Steering Line Kit or 50mm BOV, do NOT purchase one, simply select none, we have this noted.


Kits will ship out to you in the order in which final payments are received, due to the magnitude of kits sold in this sale we expect the first kits to be ready to ship in ~8 weeks.


To put this large sale on for everyone and provide huge savings and extras, all we ask for in return is some patience. THANK YOU!


Also note: Any additional items may be shipped with the kit or drop-shipped direct. We will do whatever is the quickest option to get you the parts as we understand the timeframe needs.

Adding coating to your kit will add 10-14 days for the coating to be completed and cured before shipping.


To break it down,

1. ) You already put down your $750 deposit

2.) You may have already added some options with your deposit, if so do not add those again. If not or you wish to add additional, you may add those now for the costs in the drop down menus.

3.) You now just owe the final payment here based on the pricing bracket.


Kit Info:

Huron Speed V3 T6 Turbo Kit

*Our new V3 Stainless Steel, Vbanded, extra thick .120 wall Manifolds that retain the OEM Alternator location

* 2.25” extra thick .120 wall Stainless Crossover with divided T6 flange, True divided crossover set-up with twin 44mm WG flanges (one per bank) and bungs for primary O2 sensors. 

* 5" to 4" 2-piece downpipe with a wideband O2 bung/plug included. S400 Flanged. Optional full 5" Downpipe available.

*Turbo Support bracket that also doubles as the turbo oil drain for easy hook up.

*Standard Base 4" Thick Intercooler included. HSP Black Series 4" or 6" Thick w/ Airguides Optional as well as the 4.5" or 6" Thick Core BELL intercooler with direct bolt on brackets with 3.5" Inlet and Outlet.

*Aluminum 3" to 3.5" Cold side piping from Turbo to Intercooler and Intercooler to Throttle Body with (2) 50mm BOV flange and threaded IAT sensor bung

*All necessary couplers and clamps, only straight couplers are used in this kit to avoid any worries of blowing out elbow couplers! Entire hotside consists of all v-band connections

*Grade 8 Bolt/Hardware Kit included!

*T6 Oil Feed and Drain Line kit INCLUDED

*T6 Turbo Blanket INCLUDED


*Kit requires: Stood up radiator (dual pass recommended) with coolant hoses and fans to clear piping/turbo. A/C removal. Relocation of battery and coolant overflow tank to fit the charge pipe to throttle body. Requires turbo, wastegates, BOV, and Oil lines as well to complete (all of which we can supply at final checkout!) Lower Radiator Hose outlet may require modification depending on your specific placement of the radiatior.



*Kit RETAINS: OEM Alternator location, OEM Front Sway bar, *OEM Power steering, *ABS, and OEM or any aftermarket K-member!


Options Information:


-This new V3 T6 kit is based on fitting T6 S400 turbochargers. Units with a V2 race cover will require removal of your Power Steering and ABS for clearance of the larger housing.



-Standard for this new V3 T6 kit is our standard 4" Thick FMIC. A brand new High efficient option is our HSP Black Series. We offer this in both 4" and 6" thick with air guides built into the end tanks to promote better, more efficient use of the entire core! We also still have the BELL 4.5" and 6" Core options as well! These above are all excellent options for those looking to make over 900hp where the base intercooler becomes inefficient. New as of now are the Platinum Series Air 2 Water units from Bell. These coolers bolt on to the brackets supplied in the kit, however will require you to set up your water/ice tank with pump and run your lines.



-Standard 5" to 4" 2-piece downpipe with Wideband bung. Optional full 5" 2-piece downpipe with a wideband O2 bung/plug available as well. These downpipes will be flanged for S400 turbos.


Cold-Side Piping:

-New V3 T6 Cold-Side piping is all ALUMINUM and 3" - 3.5" from the turbo's outlet, through the standard, HSP Black Series or Bell Intercooler, and into the TB. It is a 4-piece design for easy install and using only STRAIGHT Couplers to connect. Diffferent intake set-ups such as hi-rams, etc will require some minor tweaks on your end to mate to. The V3 T6 cold side piping now comes standard with (2) 50mm BOV flanges and a THREADED IAT sensor bung welded in, All standard features!



-Please allow 1-2 weeks to your order if having any coating done.




Any questions, please e-mail direct to:


*Retaining ABS and Power steering is no problem with a standard S400 turbo, or any HSP/Comp S400's. If using a V2 Race Cover unit from Forced Inductions, we recommend removing ABS and Power Steering.

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