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Huron Speed C8 Corvette Twin Turbo Kit - Bundle

Huron Speed C8 Corvette Twin Turbo Kit - Bundle

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Huron Speed C8 Corvette Twin Turbo Kit

Bundle includes the following components standard with a $600 savings

-VSRacing Billet, Oil-less 6266 T4 .81 Turbochargers

-HS44v2 Wastegates

-HS50v2 BOVs

-Boost/Vacuum Reference Kit


—Optional Air2Water system includes Air2Water Intake Manifold with provisions for Port Injection, Drivers side cove Heat Exchanger, Frunk mounted Ice/Water tank with built in pump, all pre-built 12an hoses and wiring harness!


Available for purchase in many variations to suit all of your needs for goals, brands and budget!

New enhancements that are now Standard in this kit are:

-Fitment confirmed on BOTH Coupe and HTC cars!

-Heat Shielding to the OR and T4 Hot-side tubes

-Downpipes are a full 3", true X-pipe design with wastegate recirculation for the best and cleanest sounding setup! Downpipes feature v-band and slip fit connections to allow adjustments to get your desired tip alignment and fit with a variety of different turbos.

-Cold-side tubing that places the MAF in a larger 4" Aluminum tube into the throttle body.

-Turbo fitment is for T4 turbine housings with S-covers so we can stay conservative for low boost/stock engine combos or go large for those looking for 1500+!

-Available as non-intercooled currently or Intake manifold air-2-water with Frunk Ice Tank.

-Air box location Air-2-water intercooler with smaller frunk water only tank option available shortly!

**Requires Installation and Professional Tuning, not included. We recommend tuning in Speed Density, if looking for a remote tune we highly recommend Elite Tuned who can assist with your entire tuning process.

Kit Features:

    • Fits T4 inlet Turbochargers ranging from Billet 6262s up to Billet 6875s. This allows us to supply a very quick spooling set-up on a factory engine, up to 1500+ RWHP capability along with a very easy installation. Retain the OEM cats, bolt in aftermarket High-Flow cats, or run OR, our kit allows for all options in their standard form, your choice!
    • Full 3" Stainless Steel Downpipes are standard, sending the exhaust through an X for that great sound with wastegate recirculation out the factory bumper with quad Carbon Fiber wall tips. Bungs already in place to relocate the C8's Wideband O2 sensors post-turbo.
    • 2.5" Aluminum, Powder-coated Cold-side piping connects the turbochargers to the throttle body via a combination of Silicone Couplers and Dual-Seal clamps featuring Dual 50mm BOV flanges and flange for the OEM MAF sensor.
    • 4" Air-filters fit directly onto the turbos to allow fresh air and keep the turbos happy for a long, debris-free life!
    • Requires NO drilling/tapping for the oiling unless customer prefers.
    • No heat issues like many top mount systems along with a very easy installation!
    • Includes all necessary brackets and hardware


    Included Components:

      • Full Hot-side including Stainless steel OR and T4 Hot-side tubes that are fully heat shielded w/ 44-46mm WG flanges, full stainless 3" downpipes with X, wastegate recirculation, O2 bungs Carbon Tips, and factory hangers. 

      • Powder-coated Aluminum Cold-side tubing
      • 4" S&B Filters for each turbo
      • All required silicone couplers and T-bolt clamps
      • O2 extensions if you wish to move the C8s factory Wideband sensors into the downpipes for Post-Turbo use.
      • All required brackets and hardware
        • All required Grade-8 Hardware
        • Non-intercooled, or Air-2-Water Intercooler options available in many different forms when having us perform the installation.


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